Trent Box Tempering Furnace

Serial #: 889-932
Effective Working Dimensions: 24"Wide x 36"Deep x 24" High
Fuel: Electric - 208/3/60 - 30 KW
Temp. Range: 1,400 Degrees F
Description: Brick lined recirculating box tempering furnace complete with 4-sided heating elements, stainless steel liner, rear mounted alloy recirculating fan, and pneumatic vertical rising front door.
Instrumentation: Free-Standing control panel complete with digital temperature controller and digital high limit
Condition: Very Good
Overall Dimensions: 72" Wide x 84" Deep x 89" High
Approx. Weight: 4,000lbs
​Price: $16,500.00


Lindberg Atmosphere Box Furnace

Model #: 11CT-304830-18A
Serial #:
Effective Working Dimensions: 30"Wide x 48"Deep x 30" High
Fuel: Electric - 460/6/60 - 145 KW
Temp. Range: 1,850 Degrees F
Description: Brick lined atmosphere box furnace complete with top-mounted cast alloy circulating fan (5 HP and Water Cooled), "Coretherm" heating elements, alloy hearth plate, Waukee Flowmeters for Endo. Natural Gas and air, front door flame curtain, pneumatic vertical rising front door and atmosphere burn-off flare.
Instrumentation: Control panel not included
Condition: Excellent - like new
Overall Dimensions: 8'6" Wide x 10' Long x 11'6" High
Approx. Weight: 15,000lbs
​Price: $59,500.00

*Crombie Industrial would be happy to provide you with a state of the art control panel

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AFC Box Tempering Furnace

Model #: 343 -  Box Draw
Effective Working Dimensions: 36"Wide x 48"Deep x 36" High
Fuel: Natural Gas
Temp. Range: 1,250 Degrees F
Description: Ceramic Fiber Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Furnace complete with 5 HP Alloy Recirculating Fan, Alloy Roller Hearth, Eclipse Burner System and Vertical Rising Pneumatic Front Door
Instrumentation: Side-mounted control panel complete with Honeywell 3000 Series Digital Temp Controller, Honeywell Digital High Limit and Honeywell Trueline (12") Round Chart Recorder
Condition: Excellent - Operational
Overall Dimensions: 100" Wide x 125" Deep x 115" High
Approx. Weight: 8,500lbs
​Price: $36,500.00

Gruenberg Walk-in Oven

Model #: T45H540VLD
Serial #:
Effective Working Dimensions: 36"Wide x 42"Deep x 72" High
Fuel: Electric - 480/3/60 - 36 KW
Temp. Range: 450 Degrees F
Description: Recirculating walk-in oven complete with 3 HP recirculating fan, horizontal air flow, single swing-out door, powered exhauster and insulated floor with cart tracks.
Instrumentation: Side-mounted control panel with Yokagawa Digital Temp Controller, Yokogawa Digital High LImit Controller and Honeywell DR4300 Circular Chart Recorder.
Condition: Excellent 
Overall Dimensions: 73" Wide x 50" Deep x 120" High
Approx. Weight: 2,200lbs
​Price: $9,500.00

Trent Box Tempering Furnace

Serial #:
Effective Working Dimensions: 48"Wide x 48"Deep x 48" High
Fuel: Electric - 480/3/60 - 36 KW
Temp. Range: 1,400 Degrees F
Description: Stainless Steel Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Furnace complete with rear-mounted Alloy Recirculating Fan (2 HP), Stainless Steel Hearth and Double swing-out front doors.
Instrumentation: New Side-mounted control panel with Future Design Digital Temperature Controller, Digital High Limit and Watlow SCR Power Controller
Condition: Excellent 
Overall Dimensions: 84" Wide x 92" Deep x 76" High
Approx. Weight: 3,000lbs
​Price: $28,500.00

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