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At Crombie Industrial, we pride ourselves on a job well done. Our work continues to take us all over the globe.

Engineering is under way for the construction of new panels to operate heat treating equipment at a local foundry. These panels will fully automate their thermal processes with an Allan Bradley PLC and a panel view screen for operator interface. Key characteristics such as lot number, casting date and operator identification will all be entered. This system will operate specific ramping programs outlines by the customer, yet will enable manual operation once the proper security code has been entered.

We recently completed a rebuild of a large car bottom furnace for annealing. Original refractory construction was insulating fire brick. Once the demo was complete and a new reinforced steel roof added, the system was relined with 450 custom made ceramic fiber modules. Chimneys were engineered into the refractory material with a high temp stainless steel lining. Once demo was complete on the car, a new castable hearth weighing 8,500Lbs was installed!

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